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Odds6: Dangerous Odds


A short-lived by fun little project; several tracks feature the Infinite Sustain Feedback System. One of my punk rock bands, the only one that really recorded much, and the only one for which I also wrote all the lyrics and challenged the listener with my vocal stylings. Also, my only overtly queer boy punk rock band: homocore rules. So, yes, it's true: I've just come out. I am indeed a songwriter. There are another 7 QPT tracks in the can that I haven't finished mixing and producing yet. Someday, I promise.

Dave Bintz: drums, guitars
Art Durkee: Stick with ISFS, fretless bass, queer bass, vocals

A little side note: Yes, QPT stands for something. What that is, remains flexible. Quince Pop Tarts? Questionablly Poor Taste? Queer Power Trio? You be the judge.



The Universe is not only queerer than we imagine, it is queerer than we CAN imagine. –J.B.S. Haldane

To date we do not have music sufficiently powerful to act as a practical weapon. –William S. Burroughs



Loved Me Not

Third World Boy


Happiness Is

Bash Back

Lost My Rubber




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