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Tracks for Demo CD, mastered, full length takes. Recorded in Palo Alto, CA, 1 October 2005. 

dub chamber


1001 nights

sunflower sutra

buffalo boys funk

Live Performance Improvisation Recordings

Please note that most of these recordings are documentation quality rather than studio quality.

19 January 2006, Alliance Française, San Francisco, CA

Recorded playing live soundtrack for early French silent films by Georges Méliès.

David Giovacchini, guitars, trumpets

Lido Giovacchini, saxophones, keyboards, accordion

Mika Pontecorvo, guitar

Art Durkee, Chapman Stick, 5-string bass, orchestral bells

Alliance Française, first half

Alliance Française, second half

31 July 2005, Palo Alto, CA

Recorded tracks in the living room.

These are almost good enough sound quality to also put on a demo CD.




Recorded live in performance at Manzanita, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, 21 May 2005.

Continuous improvised world fusion music for around 60 minutes. (Recorded to laptop
for documentation purposes; listeners should remember that this is not studio-qulaity audio
at this point.)

Personnel for this performance:

David Giovacchini, trumpet and electroncis, beats and loops, bamboo sax, MIDI guitar

Lido Giovacchini, saxophones and clarinet

Ninos Oshaana, oud

Art Durkee, Chapman Stick, frame drums, suling degung, loops

quiet ambient segment, from the middle of the performance.

world fusion groove, from later in the performance.

Here's a link to an essay I wrote come years ago on the topic of world fusion music,
and why I think it is interesting and important:

New Traditions Music


20 June 2005, Brainwash Café, San Francisco, CA

Live improvised music to accompany silent films.

David Giovacchini, trumpet, beats, electronics

Lido Giovacchini, sax

Mika Pontecorvo, guitar

Arthur Durkee, Stick

Roscoe Kohl, electronic mallet instruments (MalletKat)

Legong part 1

Legong part 2


Loquat Tiger Music (from rehearsal 6.12.05)

31 July 2005, rehearsal/jam, Palo Alto, CA

David Giovacchini, trumpet, beats, electronics

Mika Pontecorvo, guitar

Arthur Durkee, Stick

ACR groove

Gnawa groove

groove number 4


black dragon productions             

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