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The Barbaric Yawps

Jazz inspired by world music. Most of the pieces are written by Tom Lachmund, with a couple written by me, and a couple of free improvs. The notated lead sheets are often cyclic structures that serve as foundations for free blowing. Free jazz meets ethnomusicology.

Tom Lachmund: saxophones, bass clarinet, percussion
Art Durkee: Stick, percussion
"Uncle" Larry Hancock: bass, percussion
Tommy Thompson: drums, percussion



From the Rooftops

These are my two tunes from this CD. Actual tunes! Recorded in 1998. Produced by the Barbaric Yawps.

Nomads by Art Durkee

Rivers by Art Durkee

Unhinged by Tom Lachmund

Forgotten Memories (Song for my Father) by Tom Lachmund



The title track is a composed improv by Tom Lachmund. The rest are free improvs. Recorded in 1998. Produced by the Barbaric Yawps.


Free Music #3

Slightly Costly Music #1

Never Free, Always Available Music #2



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